Stock Donations

Giving a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds to the Dance Palace
A Gift of Stock

  1. If you have a Charles Schwab and Co. account, send or fax a letter of authorization to Schwab directing them to journal the shares (specify which stock and number of shares) from your account to The Dance Palace, account #8766-8451.
  2. If you have the stock registered in the name of another broker (registered in "street name"),
    send a letter to the broker directing those shares to:

    Charles Schwab and Co.
    DTC 0164, Code 40
    FBO The Dance Palace
    Account #8766-8451

If you have the physical stock certificate, please give us a call and we’ll figure out which of several options makes the most sense.
A Gift of Mutual Funds

  1. If your shares are held at Charles Schwab and Co., follow the directions for stock under (1), above.
  2. If you have mutual fund shares registered at another broker, these shares can be transferred just like stock per (2) above, except that you don't need the DTC line in the instructions. Charles Schwab doesn't accept all mutual funds, especially proprietary funds, e.g. a mutual fund with the brokerage name in the title. If your fund can't be transferred to Schwab, please contact us for other possible solutions. Please contact us if you don't know whether Schwab can accept the fund that you
    have in mind.
  3. If you have a mutual fund registered directly to you AND it can be transferred to Schwab, follow instructions under (2) above, except you don't need the DTC line. Check with your mutual fund just to be sure you are providing the necessary information.
  4. If you have a mutual fund registered directly to you and it CAN'T be transferred to Schwab, please call us to see if something can be worked out.

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