DanceChurch Jul-Dec 2017

  • Dance, Health & Fitness

DanceChurch Jul-Dec 2017

Sundays, 10:30-12 PM

NO CLASS IN AUGUST, 9/3/2017,  12/3/17

$15 adult. Pay at door. Children free.


WHAT: Free-style dance for all ages. An invitation to come as you are and dance as you like.
BENEFITS: Stress release, exercise, enjoyment, creative expression.
WHEN: 10:30am-12pm. First 3 Sundays of month. Holidays and summers off. Check schedule at or
WHO: Everyone welcome. No dance experience or partner needed.
COST: $15 adult. Pay at door. Children free.
WHY ‘ECSTATIC’: Because it feels so good to discover your own moment-by-moment dance. Often without trying, stuck patterns in the body and emotions are set free.
MUSIC: Eclectic playlists.
FLOW: Solo warm-up> Guided opening> Free-style dance> Guided closure.
FACILITATOR: Taira Restar, MA, RSMT, is a registered somatic movement therapist, minister and coach with 30 years of facilitating movement-based classes and workshops. Taira believes in the healing power of dance. She creates a welcoming and loving environment.