Contemporary Opera Marin - Mozart vs.Salieri, Round 2

Contemporary Opera Marin - Mozart vs.Salieri, Round 2

04/09/2017 - 7:00pm


Contemporary Opera Marin, Paul Smith, director, the opera company of the College of Marin, presents a rematch of last summer’s Mozart vs. Salieri theme.

Three fully staged works, sung in English show the lighter side of these two masters.

The program opens with Little Harlequinade, a delightful intermezzo by Antonio Salieri, for two sopranos and tenor, artfully staged by Adrianna Dinihanian. This is followed by Ms. Dinihanian’s staging of 3 canons, two showing Salieri’s graciousness and humanity and the third displaying the irascible side of Mozart seldom heard in the concert hall!

The program concludes with living British composer Judith Weir’s brilliant reworking of the youthful Mozart’s opera, Scipio’s Dream. Not only does she condense its four hours into 30 minutes, but rather than the victorious Roman general Scipio Africanus having a most astounding dream after his victory over Hannibal, modern day Scipio is diverted from his mindless office job and whisked off to heaven and back, ending with a special word of thanks to you, the audience.

Four outstanding soloists, Sibel Dimerman, Valentina Osinski, Boyd Jarrell and Michael Orlinsky are joined by the twenty two voice Contemporary Opera Marin chorus for performances both educational AND entertaining.


Program length is just over an hour and suitable for all ages.