Every year, over 100 music, dance, film, and theater presentations are offered at the Dance Palace. Community groups, businesses, and individuals return to the Dance Palace year after year to hold fundraisers, conferences, workshops, retreats, meetings and forums. Our facilities are available for public or private use. The Dance Palace is an affordable, well-equipped and friendly space to host an event.
We look forward to working with you and/or your organization!

General Policies

The Dance Palace retains the right to:

  1. Deny use to anyone or any group.
  2. Limit repeated similar use.
  3. Refuse to allow unqualified technicians to operate Dance Palace equipment.
  4. Charge user for damages done to property due to user neglect, accident, or audience abuse.

Selling/Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages

It is required by law that you obtain a permit from Alcohol & Beverage Control if you sell (or ask for donations for) or serve alcoholic beverages at your event.

Energy Conservation

In the interests of energy conservation, we ask that you monitor your use of lights and heat, and be sure that you turn lights and heat off, and use the timer on the outside light when you leave. Please set thermostats no higher than 68 degrees. Note that the Dance Palace is certified as a Bay Area Green Business; we encourage you to make every effort to follow green and sustainable practices when you use the Dance Palace.

Booking/Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. A 50% booking deposit is due at the time of booking to secure the date and hold the space.  This amount will be applied to your invoice.
  2. All balances are due 60 days prior to your event.
  3. If you cancel less than 60 days before your event, there are no refunds of your booking deposit.
  4. If you cancel more than 61 days before your event, you will receive a refund of 50% of your paid fees.


  • We will put up posters that you provide to us in West Marin. Please provide us with posters three weeks prior to your event. We cannot put up posters larger than 8.5 X 11.
  • We will list your event in our display ads in the Point Reyes Light and the West Marin Citizen.
  • Your event will be announced on our web site at least one the week prior.
  • We do not distribute press releases or photos, but encourage you to do so.
  • Your event will be listed at least once on the Monday prior to your event in This Week at The Dance Palace, a weekly email calendar.
  • Your event will be listed, if scheduled in a timely fashion, in our program bulletin, which is mailed three times per year.
  • If you wish, we will make every effort to connect you with a KWMR programmer for an interview and/or radio play of your music. We will need a promo pack including a CD (if applicable) no later than one month prior to your event. A programmer will then contact you roughly 2 weeks in advance of your event to setup a time slot.

Use of Facility Hours

The Dance Palace is available for use from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. All music must stop at 11:30 p.m. on weekends!

Sound Levels

We are in a residential neighborhood and any amplified sound must be within reasonable levels. DP staff will govern and set levels of permissible amplification.


  1. Please start promptly as advertised; music must end at 11:30 p.m.
  2. For large dances (over 100 people), you must hire an off-duty deputy sheriff for security.
  3. Neighbors must be contacted two weeks in advance of a big dance.
  4. We will contact the Sheriff's office in advance of a big dance.
  5. Absolutely no drugs!

Absolutely No Smoking, No Candles, No Open Flames!

Technical Information

Technical Assistance

Staff will assist you with your technical arrangements, making sure you know how to use the equipment, but you must provide your own technical staff for your show or exhibit. Any outside technical assitance must be approved in writing by the Dance Palace.  An orientation must be arranged prior to the event.  It is not part of DP's Technical Director's job to be there for your entire event. Technical Director may be available by advance arrangement to design light/sound, hang your lights, run sound, etc. You are responsible for your own setup and strike unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the Dance Palace.

Carol Friedman Main Hall

The Dance Palace’s main space is equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment. The facility is suited for many uses, including concerts, fundraiser's,forums, theater, classes, workshops, rehearsals, and film screenings.

Hall Specifications:

  • Capacity: 175 moveable seating
  • Dimensions: 51’ x 51’
  • Hardwood floors, natural lighting, easy loading deck

Sound Equipment Available:

  • Allen & Heath GL 2200 16 Channel mixing console
  • 4 PAS floor monitors
  • Meyer Audio main speakers and subs
  • Microphones:
    • 4 AKG 535
    • 2 Shure SM 58
    • 2 Shure SM 57
    • 2 Shure SM 58 Wireless
  • 2 Countryman Direct Boxes
  • TC Electronic M-One effects
  • DBX 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter
  • DBX 3231 1/3 Octave Dual EQ on Mains
  • Single Space EQ on 4 Monitor Sends
  • Crown Amplifiers for Monitors
  • Sony CD/DVD/Mp3 Audio/Video Player

Lighting Equipment Available:

  • 10 - Colortran Elipsoidal 750 watt
  • 4- PAR64, 500 watt medium flood
  • 4 - 6” fresnels, 500 watt
  • 2 scene preset 12 dimmer board 2kw/channel

Other Equipment:

  • Grand piano
  • Portable raised platforms
  • LCD and slide projectors and screen
  • Portable 1- microphone lectern
  • Tumbling mats
  • Stereo Unit w CD/DVD Player and Ipod hookup
  • 9 - 8 ft Tables
  • 3 - 6 ft Tables
  • 3 Card Tables

The Dance Palace grand piano is available for use with prior permission from the Executive Director only. It is not to be used for casual play or as a table. Children may not play the piano, except during a class or performance under the strict supervision of an adult. The Dance Palace tunes the piano regularly, but will not tune the piano specifically for your concert. If you wish to make arrangements to have the piano tuned for your event (cost $100), contact staff 2 weeks in advance. Please treat the piano with respect! Return the piano to its storage closet with the cover on when you are finished.

Church Space

The Dance Palace’s church space is a smaller more intimate room suited for many uses, including readings, acoustic concerts, meetings, workshops, rehearsals and classes.

Church Space specifications:

  • Capacity: 75 moveable seating
  • Dimensions: 20’ x 57’
  • Raised stage area

Lighting EquipmentAvailable:

  • 6 dimmer Portable board
  • 5 3 1/2 Ellipsoidal instruments
  • Overhead Track Lighting
  • House Lights on Dimmer

Equipment available:

  • Portable 2-microphone lectern
  • LCD and Slide Projectors and screen
  • Tumbling mats
  • VCR and television
  • Stereo Unit w CD/ Player and Ipod hookup
  • 3 microphone inputs
  • EQ on main speakers
  • 3 - 8 ft Tables, 2 - 6 ft Tables, 1 card table

Board Room:

The Board Room is suitable for meetings, classes and workshops. Capacity: 15


The Kitchen is a small, non-commercial kitchen. Equipment available:

  • 6-Burner Wolf stove
  • Small refrigerator/freezer
  • Coffee makers/thermos

Box Office & Tickets

  • You must provide your own door manager, change, hand stamp, tickets, and cash box.
  • We do not handle advance sale tickets or phone reservations for events. Please let us know if you will do any kind of advance sales via email or phone so we can put this in our publicity.
  • You set your ticket price; current prices range from $3 to $35. Please do not change your ticket price or the name of your event after it has been publicized in the bulletin.
  • You may choose to designate senior and/or children's tickets prices. Dance Palace policy is that seniors are 65 years and older; children are 12 years and under.
  • We provide free ticket vouchers to low-income people who could not afford Dance Palace events, to Volunteer Squad members to give to friends who will help talk up your event, and to KWMR to give out on air as additional publicity for events; please honor these vouchers.
  • Half-price discount cards are available for those on limited incomes. These"gold cards" must be honored for half-price admission at the door.
  • DP staff and their families get in free to all events.

Setting Up

Your setup time needs to be included in your contract.  Our Technical Director will assist you with check-in and check-out and answer any questions.  You are responsible for the actual moving of chairs, tables, lights, etc. If you wish to re-hang theater lighting, you must get authorization from our Technical Director first. Your technical needs should be outlined and included in your contract and made at the time of booking.

Cleaning fee for events with food/snacks or beverages

  • If food is served at your event in the Main Hall or the Church, there will be a cleaning fee of $100.
  • Please note that the Dance Palace is a certified Bay Area Green Business. Please follow Dance Palace recycling guidelines, and make every effort to use green and sustainable products.
  • You must do a thorough cleanup of the kitchen and food area
  • DP staff will provide you with a clean facility. While you are expected to return the facility in the condition you found it--broom swept, decor removed, garbage removed--the cleaning fee covers our janitorial staff coming in and performing a detailed cleaning, which includes bathrooms, kitchen (including stove, sinks, refrigerator and floors) and mopping.
  • Please recycle cans, glass, cardboard, and paper in appropriate containers. Cans, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard can be disposed of in the large recycling bin out back. Do not put garbage in this bin.
  • Trash can be put in the Dance Palace dumpster; key is on the window frame next to the kitchen door.

Lost Or Stolen Items

The Dance Palace is a public facility, and cannot be held responsible for lost and/or stolen items. Items left on DP premises for 30 days will be considered abandoned and it will be up to the DP staff to decide what is deemed suitable use or disposal of said items.

Supplies And Equipment

  1. You are welcome to use the big Dance Palace coffeemakers. Please follow directions posted, and treat them with care.
  2. Toilet paper and paper towels are in the bottom cabinet immediately to the right of the (hall) kitchen door.
  3. All other supplies - including cups, plates, napkins, coffee, sugar, tea, and anything in the refrigerator are the property of the Dance Palace and not for general use.

Closing Up

  1. Put everything back where you found it originally, using the detailed checklist provided. Please pay attention to signs that indicate where to put chairs, tables, and risers.
  2. If you have used window shades, please take them down and put in west storage room.
  3. Theater lighting must be returned to its original configuration.
  4. Clean up - sweep, throw away garbage, clean dressing room, and clean outdoor area.
  5. Turn off the CD/audio player, heat (you will be charged $35 extra if left on), and all the lights (including in the bathrooms).
  6. Lock all the doors in all rooms and be sure to close and lock all the windows.

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