Tai Chi & Qigong for Natural Health

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Tai Chi & Qigong for Natural Health

Fridays, on-going,  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Class schedule will vary; please contact instructor Chris Anderl before attending 415-250-7219.



Sliding scale: $10 per class or $30 per month


Come breathe, move, and play with fundamental techniques of self-healing. This class will be seriously fun, as we stimulate every cell in our bodies for detoxification, loosen all the joints for mobility, and improve the flow of Qi (life energy) in our meridian system. You will learn all the major organ meridians and the 18 most important acupressure points. We will flow with an easy five-minute Qigong Tai Chi style that improves balance and coordination, and harmonizes our energy with the Universe; we may even advance to levitation depending on group willingness. We’ll finish each class with quiet standing or sitting to allow integration and healing of body-mind-spirit energies.
Instructor: Christopher Anderl, 415-250-7219